Your wedding is coming up, but some guests can't make it. You can give them a seat at your wedding though. Our live stream can connect your family and friends. If you need this, take the next step and fill in the form.

Want to include your family and friends? Contact us!

  • Will I see the online guests?
  • Will you need wifi?
  • We’re getting married on a beach/in a forest, can you still stream?
  • Will you be moving around during the ceremony?

We use YouTube for our streams and this platform doesn't allow for viewers to be seen. After extensive testing we found that YouTube is the easiest for people to access. Take it this way: the only thing your Grandparents have to do is click your link and they’ll be able to watch.

We will provide our own internet. In fact, we have two separate providers just in case.

Yep, our setup is mobile. So long as there’s an internet connection we can help you out.

Nope. We’ll set up a tripod and stay there for the duration of the ceremony. Though to keep your online guests engaged, we’ll pan, tilt and zoom and ensure the stream isn’t a single, unmoving view.

Client Review

We had family and friends sending us screen caps that looked like high quality photos. The audio was perfect, our virtual guests told us it felt intimate and like they were there. Many people commented it was a much better experience than other streams they'd attended.  

- Kaitlin & Jamie