A Beginner’s Guide To Hiring Wedding Vendors

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When planning your wedding, building your team of vendors is essential to bring the big day you dreamed of to life. The experience and expertise of these professionals will enhance your whole wedding experience as they will contribute to the smooth execution of your requirements. For example, sticking to the schedule, working with inclement weather during a photo session, etc.

However, hiring these vendors can be a real task as this may be your first time looking for these experts. To generate a state of confidence where you can make informed decisions, Shyah K. Film has put together a Beginner’s Guide to hiring wedding vendors. Here, we’ve covered what you should and should not do while choosing vendors for your wedding.

Getting Started
Prepare a budget:
 Besides your main wedding budget, you will also need to determine a budget per vendor—for example, a budget for flowers, a budget for photography and videography, etc. You can look at your main budget and what you’re already spending on bookings to determine how much you want to spend on these vendors.

Look up local vendors: By choosing local vendors, you can save money as they will not charge you as much as non-locals or big brands. To find local vendors, use online means like Instagram and Google.

Next Steps
Determine what styles you like:
 Pinterest allows them to find aesthetic styles you may enjoy and dislike. You can save these to show your vendors what you want and see if they can meet your expectations. If they can, you can consider hiring them for your wedding.

Set up a meeting: Once you decide on your budget and preferences, you can set up a meeting with the shortlisted vendors. Talk to them about your expectations and your budget for the service you are seeking. Ask them about their experience and request to see samples of their work to understand their potential as professionals.

Advice From The Pros
Choose reliable vendors:
 The connection between you and your vendors must be smooth and enjoyable. They will be with you on the most important day of your life, so ensure that they are reliable and will be able to meet your needs as expected.

Avoid making price the main factor: DO NOT choose a vendor solely on price. While this may save you money, it may lead you to select an inexperienced vendor who will add challenges to the day.

Do not request vendors to do more than what they do: Expecting a vendor to do something outside of their norm can often lead to dissatisfaction. For example, having a photographer edit photos super bright and airy when they usually edit to create warm and high contrasts. The end results may not be what you wanted and this will lead to a bad experience.

Check for reviews: Before choosing a vendor for your wedding, speak to others about their experience with them. You can talk to wedding planners, married friends, or use Facebook groups to check client reviews. If their feedback is satisfying, you can go ahead with your decision.

Have your questions ready: Create a list of questions and be transparent in your communications with your vendors. This will ensure that the vendors is aware of what you want. Also, remember to bring up your expectations, so you get the service they provide is worth the financial investment you make.

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