A Mini-Checklist When Hiring A Video Production Team For Your Marketing Project

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At Shyah K. Films, we understand that creating a video campaign can be stressful and laborious. Still, you can handle your marketing project quickly and easily with a little preparation. At the same time, assistance from the right professionals can go a long way.

As experts in videography, we’ve produced several successful videos. To help you achieve similar success, we’ve created a handy checklist to keep in mind when hiring a video production specialist for your marketing campaign. Keep reading to hire the right video production company so that you can focus on your business.

1. Get clear on the goal
As a service provider, we need to understand the purpose of your video clearly. Will it inspire or provide information? Is it to get people to learn more or to convert buyers? The clearer your vision for your marketing content, the better we can help with it. When we say clarity, we mean every key decision-maker of the video is on the same page. For example, a disagreement between the CEO and VP of Marketing can cause significant delays for the project. That is something that could have been avoided if everyone was on the same page.

2. Hire a creative director or just a crew
Commercial or corporate videographers and video production companies tend to offer two services: full creative direction or purely production, i.e., filming. If you haven’t worked with a videographer before or only have a vague idea for your video, you will need a creative director. Their services will cost more because additional work is required for discovery calls, site tours, concept development, music selection, etc. Don’t underestimate these extra steps, though, as these small steps will yield a better video.

3. Determine your budget range
Whether you’re working with a video production company, commercial videographer, or freelancers, we all need to know what budget we’re working with. A single idea can be carried out in many ways, and different budgets will yield varying products. When you provide us with a budget range, it allows us to work within your comfort zone and find the most efficient way to create projects you’re proud of.

If you have any concerns about marketing or need to hire a videographer for your commercial or business projects, reach out to the expert at Shyah K. Films serving in Vancouver, BC. We offer commercial and corporate videography services to clients across Whistler, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, and Victoria, BC.

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