Common Problems With Organizing a Wedding During COVID-19

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A wedding is a momentous occasion for the whole family. It can also be exciting for the matrimonial couple, to plan their romantic celebration in style, with a beautiful backdrop, delicious food, and party music to enthrall guests.

However, COVID-19 has made it more challenging for couples to arrange their big day in 2021.

So, to help you to organize your wedding during COVID-19, Shyah K. Films has outlined three of the most common problems people face and has presented solutions to overcome them with ease.

1. Limited guest list
Couples have to limit their guest count to government-regulated numbers (10 people in BC at the time of writing), which means that they cannot have a regular reception as buffets and dance floors are shut down.

Family and friends will understand that they may not be able to attend the wedding under the circumstances. You can also write them a letter or give them a call explaining that the decision wasn’t easy but is necessary for everyone’s safety.

The money you save by having a smaller guest count can now be used to spend a little more per head. Make the reception a place where your guests want to come by splashing out on the music, florals, and decor.

2. Rescheduling the date.
Couples may want to reschedule their wedding to a time where the regulations may be lifted, and they can enjoy a proper ceremony and reception. However, rescheduling may be challenging for the photographers, planners, decorators, and other vendors as they are usually booked one year in advance.

You should reach out to your vendors as soon as possible if you’re considering moving the wedding date. If you find that the vendors are booked, then request them to recommend someone suitable to replace them. Please note that vendors may retain a percentage of deposits, as this is an industry-standard.

3. Heartbreak and disappointment
When Grandparents and best friends can’t attend the ceremony then it may not feel as unique. 

To ensure that no one misses out on the big day, you can search on google for live streamers or ask your planner or photographer if they know one. 

Experienced live streamers can provide your family and friends with a digital seat at your wedding. By using microphones and cameras that provide high-quality imagery, the online guests will have a fulfilling experience. We offer live streams, so if you need help connecting family and friends, contact us today.

If you have any questions related to wedding videography and live streams, reach out to Shyah K. Films. As experienced wedding videographers in Vancouver, we capture beautiful memories of the big day by offering our professional filming services. 

Our approach evokes genuine laughter and seeks fleeting candid moments so that the wedding video will be an authentic reflection of our clients’ personalities.

We serve clients across Whistler, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, and Victoria, BC. 

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