Is Video Marketing Worth Paying For?

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In recent years, video has become one of the most effective ways to communicate with people. Video content is generally easy for everyone to consume and understand. This makes it the perfect tool for marketing for almost every business and brand.

However, as video production can be pricey and in some cases, complex, you may be wondering if it’s something you need right now. To help you decide, the video production specialists at Shyah K. Films have explained the advantages and disadvantages you may face when opting for video marketing services. Based on these details, you will find it easier to determine if video marketing is suitable for your business.

The benefits of video marketing

As we’ve already mentioned, video is a very effective tool for communication. Video is more engaging than text and pictures as it formulates the ideas or concepts that you want to convey. This makes video easy to consume and one of the most preferred forms of media on digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. And, if you can create captivating video content for social media, you can expose your products and services to a broader audience.

Video is also highly effective at expressing emotions. This gives you the potential to inform and inspire others in a short amount of time. If you manage to create videos that effectively grab people’s attention and influence them to change, learn, make purchases, etc., you can even convert it into a legacy piece. That way, you can use it for years and expect it to work even while you’re asleep.

The challenges of video marketing

When producing video content, the upfront cost can be intimidating. The average investment for a high-quality video is $5500 to $11000. But getting over this obstacle will yield great results. Another common problem is the lack of concept, or having a concept that doesn’t achieve the creative goals. For example, you may want to inspire consumers to make a purchase, and yet the idea of the video merely informs people about the product. This is a mistake. Our solution would be to INSPIRE potential consumers about how the product or service in question can improve their lives.

To get genuine video content that resonates with your audience and encourages them to take action, you need to have the skills to conceptualize, film high-quality videos, and edit them perfectly. This can be time-consuming, not to mention complicated, if you lack experience in film production. Fortunately, you have access to professionals like us at Shyah K. Films. We provide you the full deal. From conceptualization to shooting and editing your videos, we do it all.

If your concept isn’t 100% refined, you can always ask production companies like ours for suggestions on how to achieve the goal. Some companies, like ours, have a service that can help clients create a blueprint for their projects. Our experience in commercial video production enables us to show you exactly what your clients are looking for. Moreover, we understand the process of video production, which allows us to tell you what is and isn’t possible.

Making the most of professional video production services

Like most things in life, video production, too, has its pros and cons. To minimize the challenges, make sure you follow these three steps:

1. Speak with the creative team and decision makers (e.g., VPs, CEO) to develop a concept

2. Consider how the video will be used and where

3. Decide on a budget range

Similarly, overcome the costs of video production through a third party, try using an in-house team. Just remember, the end product will likely be sub-par compared to companies that specialize in video production. Only if you are willing to sacrifice the quality of your marketing content take up this alternative. If not, hire a professional. Investing in their services will guarantee you great results!

For a renowned commercial videographer serving Vancouver, BC, reach out to us at Shyah K. Films. We help businesses achieve their creative goals through video production. The type of commercial projects we take on includes corporate video, social media video, promo video, event video, branded content, lifestyle video, brand story video, and sponsored content. We are dedicated to your needs and aim to offer you the best possible service. While conceptualizing your marketing content, we make sure to loop you in so you are aware of our thought process and can share your ideas with us. This allows us all to stay on the same page and work together.

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