Three Hacks To Get Better Wedding Photos To Remember Your Big Day

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A wedding usually takes place once in a lifetime and is probably the most extravagant event most people will ever celebrate. This gathering of all the people closest to you is usually immortalized through a ton of photography and videography footage, viewed fondly years later. These images are shown to children, talking about their parents’ big day. Everything considered, it is significant that the couple who is tying the knot gets the best photographer to capture these moments on their big day.

However, finding photographers can be quite challenging as there are a lot of them, with the vast majority talented in their own right. It can be especially challenging for people who do not know much about the art of photography or understand what the photographer is telling them. 

Furthermore, with a constantly changing style, it is difficult for people to pick someone they have in mind to match their vision for their wedding. With that in mind, here are three hacks to get better wedding photos to remember your big day. 

Hack #1: Create a portfolio of your favorite images on Pinterest or Instagram
All people have their style, including the photographer you hire, who will have a particular style or look to their images, but as an artist, trust me when I say that they are usually open to trying something new.

As a creative person, I want to try something new and step outside my comfort zone. So go to Pinterest or Instagram and save some photos of poses that inspire you. These will go a long way in helping a photographer understand what you like. They can even use the images that you saved as a benchmark for the type of pictures you like, and click photos accordingly.

Hack #2: If your primary choice of photographer is not available, ask for recommendations
The photography community is a tight-knit group. They lift each other during both hard and easy times. If your first-pick photographer isn’t free, ask them for two to three recommendations. The people they recommend will be other photographers they trust, who they likely know personally. Their style may differ slightly, but you’ll still be in good hands.

Additionally, understanding what you want, they can even suggest someone capable of matching your requirements. They can also prioritize the people they suggested, so you are in a better position when picking someone.

Hack #3: Look for #hashtags on Instagram
Currently, there is a huge directory of photographers that exists, and you have access to all of them directly through your phone. On Instagram, you can search for hashtags that will lead you to local photographers and narrow it down to people you like. Look using the hashtags that match things that mean something to you. You might start with a vague idea that will start turning vivid as you keep searching.

For example, #vancouverengagementphotographer has more than 5000 posts. A quick search will yield a lot of results, so take advantage of this tool.

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