Predicting The Future Of Live Streaming And Weddings

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The dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to several restrictions on gatherings and celebrations, including weddings. Despite this, several couples still plan to go through with their weddings as scheduled. However, the way in which their guests will attend is truly unique.

In the last few months, there has been a major uptick in couples requesting a live stream for their wedding ceremony, and it makes sense! As COVID-19 has forced countries to restrict travel and close their borders, the family and friends of several couples can’t attend their weddings or participate in the celebration. But, with live stream services, it’s much easier for them to join in and be a part of the occasion.

At Shyah K. Films, we believe this is how weddings will be conducted in the coming months as COVID-19 continues to spread at large. We also predict that the maximum guest count for large events will stay at fifty until spring 2021. At the time of writing this, British Columbia had been experiencing a rise in COVID-19 cases, and this indicates that the virus isn’t going away very quickly.

While soon-to-be newlyweds will be unable to have their family and friends attend their weddings in-person, they will still be able to have guests participate in spirit through live streaming. That way, they don’t have to feel guilty about their grandparents missing this major milestone or that their siblings won’t be present to cheer them on and support them.

From the business perspective, we’ll need to pivot our attention to offering services towards smaller events. We’ll have to acquire and troubleshoot with new technology, which is live streaming gear. Similarly, we’ll need to get accustomed to intimate weddings of only twenty to fifty people instead of the larger weddings of a hundred and fifty (or more) persons that we are used to. This means that we will need to change our filming strategy and probably produce shorter videos or include other aspects into the video.

In the coming weeks, we expect to see more videographers to offer live streaming, and we believe this will introduce a new level of competition. But, as many of our fellow videographers have experienced a significant dip in business, we are open to helping them learn about this service so that they can benefit as well. We have already had a handful of discussions about how we run our streams. As we come from a headspace of abundance, we feel that there’s enough of work for everybody.

Bottom line

If our predictions about wedding celebrations are right, then the impact on the lives of couples looking to get married this year is very positive. This is because they’ll be able to include all the guests they wish to through modern technology. Simultaneously, Shyah K. Films and the industry alike will bring in less revenue as live streaming is a cheaper service than what we initially offered. That said, being able to connect couples with their families is an exceptional ability to possess, and that is worth everything as it makes our clients happy.

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