How Live Streaming Events Is Turning Into The New Normal

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In the struggle to thrive during the crisis caused by COVID-19, many businesses and soon-to-be newlyweds are now being forced to adapt their event to ensure the safety of their guests. In an attempt to keep events and weddings, some are relying heavily on technology to work through social-distancing regulations.

The global switch from live to virtual events has given rise to a boom in live streaming weddings, product launches, etc. For event professionals and video production agencies, live streaming services have become a necessity, with many adding it to their list of offerings. 

At Shyah K. Films, we understand that COVID is a major obstacle. Family and friends can't attend your wedding; students can't properly graduate after years of dedicated studies. There is a way we can help you through this, however. We’ve obtained the latest live streaming equipment that will shrink the distance between you and your guests.

The biggest advantage of live streaming services is that a broader audience will be able to experience the event or wedding. Guests who are unable to attend for a variety of reasons (e.g. elderly) can now view the event from the comfort of their home. This live streaming service adds inclusivity as distant family and friends can be present for the event. 

Unfortunately, live streaming brings its own set of challenges. For instance, technical logistics will increase, and for exceptional quality results, strong WiFi signals are mandatory. Moreover, an additional person may be needed to manage the live stream setup, and complex audio setups may be needed to achieve the clients’ vision.

If you’re looking to take advantage of this service, it is important first to ask your videographer or event planner what live streaming options are available. At Shyah K. Films, we help clients maintain social distancing by offering two options for live streaming: basic and advanced.

Also, keep in mind that live streaming is an added service that requires specific expertise, so you may need to increase your budget. 

If you’re planning on setting up a live stream on your own, there are still various aspects to consider. Are you aware of the best angle to show your online guests? Will you opt for a wide shot or close up? Will they be able to clearly hear you saying your vows? While live-streaming on your own can cut down costs, it’s not always possible to achieve a high-quality video. 

If you want professionals to set up a live-stream, manage the technical aspects, and give your audience a premium viewing experience, reach out to the team at Shyah K. Films. While we create engaging videos and offer exceptional quality live streaming services, we also undertake safety precautions to ensure our team and clients are protected at all times. 

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