The Truth About Marketing During A Pandemic

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With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all business processes across the globe have come to a halt to support social distancing measures and curb the spread of the virus. When the restrictions on public gatherings will ease up is currently unknown, but given the circumstances we are in, it won’t go away anytime soon. So, what does this mean for businesses? Should they continue to stand still and incur the loss of sales, revenue, and growth? Or should they at least engage in some form of marketing and sales to generate income?

With more people at home digesting online content, there is currently a greater scope for digital marketing. However, some may argue that marketing efforts during a pandemic are immoral as a business should be spending their money to pay employees. But, with more eyes to see your message right now, working on your marketing efforts if the best thing you can do. Also, without sales, it’s tough to compensate employees. To show you just how essential business marketing is during this time, Shyah K. Films has explained the truth about marketing during a pandemic.

The facts!

1. Businesses should invest in marketing
Currently, many people believe that businesses should not spend on marketing activities as far less customers are willing to spend. Yes, this results in revenue loss but in reality, one of the goals of marketing is to earn more income. So with the right research and marketing strategies in place, a business can successfully earn income even when less people are walking through their doors.

2. Market to create brand awareness
Many businesses have decided to keep quiet and avoid marketing their brand as they believe that their audience will judge them for encouraging spending when so many jobs have been lost. But, if people don’t know about their business, it won’t matter when they open their doors once social distancing regulations are lifted. Moreover, many businesses provide solutions for people (e.g. breweries converting to hand sanitizer production.) People will not recognize brands if they don’t know more about what they do and how they contribute to a better livelihood. The number of online users has increased, so seize the opportunity.

3. Be honest and informative
When marketing during this pandemic, brands, and businesses must be honest and tell people how their products can help. For example, if they’re a travel agency, people will benefit from their knowledge of the current state of the country in question. If the business is into 3D printing, it can help manufacture a variety of pieces that could contribute towards developing personal protective equipment for nurses and doctors.

Bottom line

Marketing offers businesses and brands with tools to not only sell but also to share information on how they can help customers. Right now, due to COVID-19, many companies have had to shut down operations and therefore, let go of their employees. But if these same businesses can generate awareness about their brands during the pandemic  - and their positive efforts to aid the community -  they can obtain engagement from large audiences that will want to do business with them now and in the future once the pandemic is under control.

For more details on marketing your brand during this pandemic, reach out to Shyah K. Films. When working with businesses, my team and I enjoy the process of hearing what our clients want to achieve and developing a plan to carry this out. We aim to create videos that will engage audiences, evoke an emotional response that clearly communicates our clients’ message. To do this, we have a refined process that ensures client videos are professionally produced on time and within budget. Similarly, our team works through all the details with effective communication and professionalism, which allows the client to relax and see their vision come together with little stress. Currently, we offer videography services to clients across Whistler, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, and Victoria, BC.

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