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Hello! I’m Shyah Yan Zarrabi, the proud owner of Shyah K. Films.

I hope that sharing my story allows you to get to know me better.

At an early age, I was a pretty anxious kid; I was nervous to be around “big kids” or venture too far off from my house. Over time though, I became used to doing both - being forced to attend day camp facilitated this change in behavior, as much as it sucked at the time.  By the time I hit my teens, it was obvious that I was an extrovert - people quickly became my caffeine. 

In 2009 I was gifted my first camera and almost immediately I was making content that people enjoyed. First photos, then videos. I’ve always loved producing captivating videos, as I felt it was a positive way to contribute to humanity (e.g., making people laugh) so I decided to combine my passions and become a filmmaker - at first, I shot weddings for the money, but soon after I understood that this was a way I could positively affect people’s lives. A wedding video is their legacy.

How do I contribute to my Couples’ legacy? First, I make sure that I establish an amazing rapport with the couple, which makes the whole experience smoother. Second, I position myself as a guide to a positive experience. The couple deserves to have a great time from planning to honeymoon - this is where I can help. The investment is hours upon hours of time but when I receive emails of gratitude from happy couples, it fills me with immense satisfaction.

As an individual, I believe there is another thing that sets me apart: the creativity to conceptualize beautiful themes using principles that I learned in post-secondary studies, Film Studies.

It’s rewarding to know that my work will create a lifetime of wonderful memories for the couple and that they will be able to relive these emotional moments with future generations.

When I am not making videos, I love hosting dinners for family and friends, sampling barrel-aged craft beer and hiking in British Columbia’s beautiful forests. I’m also concerned about the environment, so I’ve reduced my consumption of goods recently. There are plenty of resources for you if you’d like to make similar changes - the smallest action makes a difference.

Putting my info out on the net isn’t easy, but I’ve enjoyed sharing my story. There’s much more to share and I’d be happy to meet you for a coffee to break the ice - don’t worry, I won’t talk about myself the whole time.

If you or someone you know could benefit from my expertise as a wedding videographer in Vancouver, BC, I invite you to get in touch. Please visit my website at


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