Using A Family Member Vs. Hiring A Professional Videographer

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If you’re looking for a way to preserve the memories of your big day, filming your special moments is a great concept. Sure, you may remember your vows today, but over time, those beautiful memories may slip away. To help preserve the moments and relive them ten years down the line, it’s essential to record your wedding day memories on video.

However, to capture your wedding video, do you really need a professional videographer, or will a relative with a camcorder be enough? If you’re wondering whether investing in a wedding video is worth the money or if a simple video shot by a friend is enough, Shyah K. Films has compared the pros and cons of both options to help you decide.

1. Using a family member

The advantages
By choosing a family member, you save a great deal of money as they are mostly willing to shoot your videos for free or for a very small sum of money. Moreover, you spend less time on planning and making videography decisions, which gives you more time to work with your planner, photographer, and other vendors.

The disadvantages
Family friends won’t necessarily have professional-grade cameras and audio equipment to capture your wedding on film. Even if they do have the necessary tools, it will be challenging for them to use this equipment strategically without prior experience or practice. Thereby making your video not as enjoyable as you deserve.

Also, without the necessary tools and experience to edit your video, they won’t be able to deliver highly polished or cinematic content. It will feel far less engaging as compared to that of a wedding videographer’s work.

Moreover, when you choose a family member to record your films, you’ll often get only a video of the ceremony and MAYBE some speeches. What you’ll miss is: preparing during the morning and the bridal party fun that unfolds before the ceremony; the first look with your parents and spouse; your ceremony and reception space before guests arrive; fleeting, candid moments of family and friends during the cocktail hour and the awesome party that ends the night.

2. Using a professional videographer

The advantages
A skilled videographer is a polished professional with a creative mindset. These experienced wedding videographers know what moments to look for and can effortlessly capture them on film. They excel at filming candid scenes of your family and friends, and they will ensure that you’ll see tons of laughter and tears of joy!

Another advantage of hiring a professional videographer is that they know how to work with other vendors. They can collaborate with the DJ to obtain clean, usable audio from your vows and speeches, and with the photographer, there will be no competition to get the best shots.

The disadvantages
The downside of choosing a professional videographer is that their services don’t come cheap. Professional wedding videography is an expensive service. At the same time, it takes a great deal of time to collaborate with the videographer and discuss your vision.

Which option should you choose?
If you’re working with a tight budget and do not value videos as much, arranging for a friend or family member to capture your wedding video is a suitable option. A professional videographer should be chosen by people who can meet the price point of the wedding videography and those who understand the significance of videography enough to stretch their budget. A wedding video brings you back to the highlights of your big day. You get to relive your favorite moments; hear the jokes and laughter from that day; get to see grandpa break it down on the dancefloor, and to see tears of joy roll down your spouses’ cheek.

If you believe that photos will suffice, you need to understand that wedding videos are different from your pictures. Still photos capture a single second - videos show the moments leading up to your favorite memories. Videos breathe life into those memories of your wedding day through recorded visuals and sounds.

But, regardless of which option you choose, I recommend that someone captures a video of your wedding on film. Imagine: 20 years down the line showing your kids how romantic and goofy your husband or wife was. How in love you were and still are. Or having the ability to show your children who their great-grandparents were. As you can see, video is a significant medium. It keeps your memories alive. So, don’t miss the opportunity to save the best day of your life on video!

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