How Erin And Maclean Revolutionized The Videography Industry

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As a leading wedding videographer in Vancouver, at Shyah K. Films, we derive immense pride from offering excellent videography services at weddings and commercial events. Much of what we do revolves around pushing our boundaries to ensure that our clients are given unparalleled video quality and creativity.

While videography is our passion, we believe that our lives would be dull without the impact that Erin and Maclean of Hello Tomorrow Films have had on the wedding videography industry. 

Erin and Maclean are well-respected members of the videography community. They’re talented, humble people with great personalities, and are also welcoming, professional, helpful and, humorous people who consistently create exceptional content.

Interestingly, they didn’t set out to work together in creating wedding films; it happened by necessity. Eventually, they went headfirst into working as a team, and the risk they faced ultimately resulted in huge rewards.

Without Hello Tomorrow Films, I feel there would be something missing in the wedding industry. Their videos are like mini-documentaries that are meticulously intertwined with harmonious visuals and audio bites. Through their videos, they capture the genuine reflections of people and not a facade. In the world of weddings and commercial videography, there are few people out there that create pieces like Erin and Maclean.

Back when I was setting up my own business, I was terrified about starting up, so I reached out to a few videographers who, in my eyes, were successful and talented. Maclean agreed to chat, and he hadn’t even heard of me up until then. We spoke on FaceTime for maybe thirty minutes, and within that time, Maclean had shared his story and plenty of advice that continues to help me professionally and personally. 

Today, through Shyah K. Films, I have developed into a leading wedding videographer in Vancouver. My video team understands this complexity of planning a wedding or event and work towards making it one of the best experiences of your life.

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